Do you sponsor certain events?

Of course. Check our sponsoring page for more information.

What is the minimum age to come and play a game?

We recommend the minimum age of 8 years old. About maximum age… well… even the oldest person alive (116 years and 168 days) can play VR!

Can we get VR on a different location?

Yes, you can. Check our rental page for more information on that.

Can we book for more than 4 people?

Yes that’s possible. Go to “Groups -> groups (more than 4 players)” to make a reservation for a group with +4 people.

Can we book for less than 4 people?

Yes that’s possible. Go to “Groups -> 1-4 players” to make a reservation for less than or exactly 4 people.

What games can we play?

You can find our games on the “Our games” page. We will expand our game library over time. Have you spotted any fun games? Don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll look into it.

Can we play games outside of the library you offer?

Yes, you most certainly can. You can play the games you own on your steam account. You just have to log in and download the game.

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