Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Are you looking for a unique gift? Look no further!

Our gift-cards are a guarantee for great fun for one, two or more people!


A gift card always represents a session, so the pricing looks like this:

 30  minutes – €15,0
 60  minutes – €24,5
120 minutes – €42,0

These are the prices for gift cards for one person.

Digitally available

Contact us to find out more!




For more players

The gift-cards can be combined! When receiving a gift card for an experience, it’s always nice to share the experience with someone without having to pay extra. That’s why our gift cards can be combined:

When buying a ’60 minutes for 2 players’, you get two gift-cards for ’60 minutes for one player’. They can be used in the same session (for example both players play for 60 minutes, using both gift cards). A third groupmember without a gift card can join their session and would just pays for him-/herself.

Gift cards can not be split into multiple sessions or multiple players: a gift card for ’60 minutes 1 person’ can not be split into two ’30 minutes for 1 person’.

For four players

To take advantage of our discounted prices for 4 people, we have gift cards for 4 people:

 30  minutes – €50,0
 60  minutes – €88,0
120 minutes – €156,0

These gift cards can not be split up into multiple or shorter sessions.


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