Your Party At Arcave? Yes, we can!

At Arcave, we can accomodate groups of more than 4 players, and this has been a great succes in the past!

Birthdayparty for the kids?
Bachelor’s party for your sister?
Or just a plain old night of fun with friends?

Contact us to find out about our arrangements, side-entertainment, and ComboDeals!


Birthdayparty with the family!
Birthdayparty with the family!
Is it a zombie? Is it a dolphin? It's just some kids going crazy :)
Is it a zombie? Is it a dolphin? It’s just some kids going crazy 🙂
The best photos, sometimes, are those taken just before the actual photo. - Albert Einstein
The best photos, sometimes, are those taken just before the actual photo. – Albert Einstein


How does this work?

Pricing? Duration? This is how it works:

Our multiplayer VR experiences come in three flavours: Short Game, Full Experience and something in between; respectively 30, 60 and 45 minutes of mulitplayer VR per person. Based on this time and the size on the group, we set up a total session, during which you can switch players when and where you want. This way, everyone can have their session-time, while taking a  breath in between or try our side-entertainment!

The total time of this session is calculated as follows:[time-per-person] times the [amount of players] divided by four, because four people can play at the same time. The pricing for these sessions is as follows:30 minutes – €12,5 p.p.45 minutes – €17,5 p.p.60 minutes – €22,0 p.p. Our side-entertainment comes at a fixed cost of €50 per group. All prices are VAT incl.


Have you seen our ComboDeals? Contact us for more information!

Our partners:

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